Monthly Archives: August 2019

Falling in love…

When we shine brightly the effects of joyful loving energy ripple out through everything and everyone around us until they reach the far corners of the universe…


Falling in love is something that has to be co-created with the universe. It’s a contract with your soul to be open to the possibility of sharing an intimate connection with another soul, and the rewards and sacrifices that come with that. It requires deliberate intention, but as an unconditionally open and honest offering, rather than a desperate longing.   


It means accepting a certain level of vulnerability, while at the same time maintaining healthy personal boundaries that keep everyone safe and secure. It is something to be navigated, like exploring unknown territory…marvelling at new discoveries, learning about yourself and the other. Trying new things, seeing what fits and constantly course-correcting.


Dipping toes in and then deeply immersing oneself without fear of drowning is a delicate progress of pushing and pulling, revealing and then withdrawing to check you are still ok, still whole and still you?


Being ready to fall in love means embracing uncertainty and not expecting a certain outcome. For sure you can set your limits and tolerances, but always be ready to adjust and change your mind if you decide the things you thought were really important turned out to be barriers to happiness, or just not that meaningful after all?


We grow up believing love should be effortless, but maintaining loving relationships is a seriously important undertaking which requires time and dedication. The greater the effort, the greater the reward.


Giving unconditional love is such an amazing feeling, with so many positive benefits to ourselves and others. Even if a certain love doesn’t last forever it will not have been in vain and your soul will be braver, stronger and wiser when it feels ready to sign up again :).